New art purchases bring in a sudden feeling of protectiveness. Just as exhilarating and new as this experience can be, it is also brings in the challenge to store your art and protect it from getting deteriorated over time. Protecting your art will help avoid unexpected and unwanted surprises, like warping and material degradation, authenticity disputes, not enough coverage for your insurance policies, and other collecting faux pas. So here are some ways you can save your art in the long run.

    • Keep it away from direct sunlightMake sure that you never hang a painting in direct sunlight. The ideal places to showcase your art collection are hallways, alcoves or rooms away from large glazed areas or spaces that are open to the sun.
    • Use protective shieldsUsing tinted or UV-protective glass on your windows will help a lot to maintain your artwork. Ultra-violet light is very destructive; the glaze will provide some protection against UV.
    • Keep moving itIt is a good idea to keep regularly shift artwork around. This not only keeps it away from cumulative exposure to direct light, but also gives a newer look to your house every time you change the setting.
    • Avoid hanging art near kitchens and bathroomsTry not to hang artwork in utility areas such as bathrooms and kitchens. In kitchens, airborne grime from cooking oils can layer up on your artwork, which will ruin it over time.

The best way to keep your artwork safe is to get it insured. To properly insure your collection, you’ll need to add an insurance policy that specifically covers damage to valuable personal property.

Insurance plans for art collections are tricky. Should a natural calamity take place and destroy your precious collection, you should be able to make the most of your insurance plan. And that’s where iINVENTORYpro, the best art collection inventory software comes into play. Protect the value of your assets in times of peril for insurance purposes (such as, fires, hurricanes, natural disasters). Without a well-documented inventory, you and only you know how invaluable your collection is. To make it evident to your insurance company as well, maintain an inventory of the artwork you own. Remember, if there was ever a need for you to dispute the amount awarded by your insurance company for a claim, the one with the most documentation wins.

With iINVENTORYpro, not only will you be able to keep track of your art collection from a distance, but you can also give friends, family, or potential buyers “Third Party” access to view your collection so that it could be admired or even purchased.