Automated Reminder Emails are Finally Here

Automated Reminder Emails are finally here, and all I have to say is: It’s about time!
This is an incredible “find”, and I decided to write this article to tell everyone about it. I can’t tell you how many times I have forgotten something, or one of my children has forgotten something, and it has cost me a great of time, and quite often a great deal of money! More on that later.
Now, it is true I could hire someone to be my ‘Reminder Person’.
You know, “Hey Jack, don’t forget your wedding anniversary.” Or “Hey Jack, don’t forget that the warranty expires next week and the dang thing is broken, so submit the warranty claim ASAP!” The reality is that if I could actually find someone to be my ‘Reminder Person’, I couldn’t afford to pay them to perform that very valuable service because it would cost a fortune!
I looked around for a cost effective solution, and found this high tech company called PROTECToVision that has several US Patents and has come out with this new Reminder Email product. I’ve tested it, have found it to be highly effective, AND it is a steal of a deal. So as not to keep you in suspense, the email reminder software name is iINVENTORYpro.com. Frankly, don’t tell this company that invented and is marketing this product, but I would be willing to pay more than twice the full price for this Reminder Email service alone. It even has an App to make it super fast, easy, and convenient to setup a reminder on the fly, as well as to perform its other features and benefits. This deal is even sweeter because for one low price, it is part of a suite of services, all nicely packaged in a web-based email reminder software that helps your family and Estate save money, save time, and be more organized.
Let’s face it folks, the Extended Warranty Companies are betting that you will lose the warranty information, or forget about when the warranty expires. Well, that ain’t gonna’ happen anymore to this Cowboy since I started using iINVENTORYpro! Did I mention this service is super inexpensive? It not only reminds me with a Reminder Email, but I can also have it notify another person, too. Now I can have a Reminder Email sent to my wife, my property manager, or anyone else, too.
Just for starters, I have setup all my warranties and extended warranties on this thing. Wham! I got that done. In a flash. You can set it up to send you a Reminder Email any way you like. You have control of when the email is sent, how often the email is sent, and for how may repetitions the email will be sent. Of course you have control of the email message, too. I’ve set it up so that now I get a Reminder Email every year reminding me of the expiration date for each of my warranties one month in advance of that date. Initially, that’s all I was planning on doing, but when I found our how easy it was, … well, then the wheels in my brain started turning.
I don’t like to admit it, but due to a very busy lifestyle, on occasion I have not only had to file for an Income Tax Extension, but I have actually forgotten to file for the Income Tax Extension. Sure, I had an excuse, but it didn’t stop the IRS from coming after me with penalties. We had just moved and had everything in boxes. My mind was on moving, my family, my work, and everything else in life, … but, oops, I totally forgot about filing the extension for my taxes.
Now the Reminder Email that I have setup has ended that problem, because you can setup the reminder for as long as you like. The Reminder Email could apply to your personal taxes due April 15th, or to your business taxes due March 15th. In either case, it is very stressful and even upsetting to receive nasty letters and high penalties from the IRS. That is why I have setup Reminder Emails to be sent out to me AND my wife for both IRS Income Tax Returns (Yes, we have a business.). I have it setup to get a Reminder Email 2 months in advance of the Income Tax due date, and also one week in advance of the due dates, … and I have set it up for the next thirty years!
Then, because of this negative experience I decided I wouldn’t do any of those offers anymore. However, I soon found out that some of those offers are really good deals, and I was missing out on them. Now, with the iINVENTORYpro’s Reminder Emails, I feel very comfortable about taking advantage of those offers because it is quick and easy to setup a Remind Email so that I to cancel “the offer” if I am not satisfied with the results. When my wife and I each get our Reminder Emails, we decide if the Cable Company deal, or the Cell Phone company deal, or the credit card company deal, or even the exterminator’s NEW mosquito service deal was worth it.
Some of these deals need a monthly reminder, and others need a quarterly or annual anniversary date reminder. “No problem’a”! In either case, I quickly set up the reminder with the Smart phone App, and Wham! I am ready! Now I find the “good deals” and keep ‘em, … and I also quickly end the “bad deals” on time and without being charged. This is a nice financial gain for me, since I no longer have those “forgot to cancel” on-going fees.
I’m able to set these Reminder Emails up very quickly, but I initially didn’t realize how many other ways this Reminder Email thing could be used. Now I get a Reminder Email in advance:
  • for my Wedding Anniversary,
  • for my daughter-in-law’s Birthday,
  • to change my air conditioner’s air filters,
  • for when my Passport is going to expire, and oh yes,
  • for when my daughter needs to change or service the oil in her car.
Needless to say, I don’t want to have to replace another engine!
iINVENTORYpro.com, an email reminder software, also is the best home and business inventory program I have ever seen (with room templates and remember buttons) and, as I said, it even comes with a free App that works hand and hand with the web-based program. Check your respective Smartphone’s App Store. All these capabilities are included in one very inexpensive program, and it even has the most extensive Estate Planning organizing and storage capability I have ever found. I recommend you go to their site and check it out at your earliest convenience. I’ve even found a discount code for you. There’s no time like the present to start saving time, saving money, and getting organized. Let me tell you, it helped me immensely, and I’d be interested in knowing how you use it, too. You may be able to give me a few pointers that I hadn’t even considered for my next article.
Here’s the discount Promo Code I promised. It is good until the end of the month, so don’t delay in signup at iINVENTORYpro.com.

Prom Code: Remind20%off

Expires 12/31/2018


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