Inventory Functionality

No more spending hours on end searching for items. With iINVENTORYpro that is a thing of the past. Thanks to the Inventory functionality of the system, you are able to easily search for and locate any inventory items. To make things even easier, you are able to search for those items by name, property, category, or purchase date.

In short, the inventory functionality feature enables you to:

  • Select and view individual inventory items
  • Filter by name, property, category, purchase date and more
  • Use its powerful grouping and sorting capabilities
  • Easily search for any inventory items

Item Details

You don’t have to scratch your head looking for the details of an item.  All you need is the purchase date, serial number or purchase location, for example, and you can find the item you are looking for.

Other item details you can use to filter or search your inventory include:

  • Specific categories
  • Purchase date
  • Item’s location on property
  • Specific property (if more than one) model #
  • Brand
  • Serial #
  • Inventory ID or BAR CODE
  • Condition
  • Purchase location
  • Purchase price
  • Valuation method
  • Replacement cost
  • Certified by iINVENTORYpro Authorized Inventory Professional flag
  • Notes

Notes and Video

You don’t always have to have a pen and paper at hand to make notes on your inventory. With the Notes you can make a searchable written description. With the Video feature, you can record a verbal description or show a video description or any other information you wish for the inventory item.

Here are some of the things you can do with the Notes and Video features:

  • Be as detailed as you like with descriptive text
  • Record voice info & description (let Grandma talk about her antiques)
  • Store and access documents associated with each item, such as:
    • Receipts
    • Appraisals
    • Owner’s manual
    • Certificate of authenticity
  • Store detailed warranty info, such as:
    • Manufacturer’s warranty
    • 3rd party detailed warranty
    • Retail Establishment warranty
    • Warranty start date, end date, and automatic reminder capability
  • Maintain detailed records of maintenance and repairs for each item
  • Store detailed warranty info, such as:
    • Manufacturer’s warranty
    • 3rd party detailed warranty
    • Retail Establishment warranty
    • Warranty start date, end date, and automatic reminder capability
  • Maintain detailed records of maintenance and repairs for each item


If you have more than one piece of property to run or manage, then iINVENTORYpro’s multiple property capability is a game changer.  You’ll appreciate that iINVENTORYpro allows you to store inventory items and associated information for each property, separately.

With this feature you can:

  • Select and view individual properties (home, business, rental, RV, house-boat, storage unit)
  • Upload, store and access an unlimited number of pictures of each property
  • Include real estate property nickname, address, and legal description
  • Store purchase price, purchase date, value, value date, and valuation method
  • Include Insurance Company information

Document Management

Each “Item” can have an unlimited number of documents with preinstalled sortable and searchable document types:

  • appraisals
  • birth certificates
  • deeds
  • diplomas + degrees
  • marriage certificates
  • owners manuals
  • warranties
  • DD-214
  • and more

Provide Third Party User Login

  • Setup Third Party Users for your account. This is a game changer.
    • The Third Party Login feature allows you to send an automated email establishing a login name and password to any trusted individual you authorize to have access to your account.
    • You (the account owner, who is the “Admin” for the account) can easily turn “on” or “off”. This is convenient and valuable feature perfect for:
      • insurance claims
      • estate planning
      • attorney related matters
      • financial planning


We understand that different people have different preferences, which is why the settings feature comes with a number of options to suit different tastes and preferences.

Those options include the capability to:

  • Pick your color scheme
  • Turn the grid popup edit form “on” or “off”
  • Turn the grid view for paging “on” or “off”
  • Select the number of items to view per page with grid “on”
  • Maintain a list of preinstalled categories, or customized categories
  • Maintain a list of preinstalled locations, or customized locations

My Account

Changing or managing your password and viewing your billing history has never been easier thanks to the My Account feature.

The “My Account” features allow you to:

  • View membership/subscription details
  • View billing history
  • Print receipts
  • View file storage available and file storage used
  • Change password
  • Refer a Friend

Refer a Friend

iINVENTORYpro has a built in Referral Program that works for you. This built in feature works in the following ways:

  • Enables you to easily send emails to your friends to let them know about the many advantages of iINVENTORYpro.
  • You can help your friends protect their family or business by introducing them to iINVENTORYpro, so they can quickly and easily document their property, too!
  • You get a $5 credit toward next year’s subscription for every new client subscription. Earn credit toward a FREE YEAR, or
  • If you are a real ”Go-Getter”, there is an option to earn REAL INCOME and be paid as an Independent Contractor by signing up new client subscriptions, or to earn income as an Authorized Inventory Professional, performing home or business inventories
  • Quick and easy access to see when referrals become members and the credits or the pay you have earned

Reports: Print or Store as a Digital File

The printable reports feature provides you with powerful reporting capabilities for your own personal needs, or for businesses with periodic reporting requirements. 

  • Reports can be generated from the following tabs: Inventory, User, Billing, and Client (if you are an Authorized Inventory Professional)
  • These detailed reports provide an up to date snapshot of your inventory
    • You can customize the Inventory Report to your specific needs by adding or removing the informational columns for your report
    • To setup your customizable report, go to the:
      • Go to the Reports tab, then select the “Inventory” subtab
      • Selecting the word: “Inventory” (just below the search field. It serves as a hyperlink when you select it)
      • To add a new column:
        • At this point, your inventory should be displayed. Simply open the “Select Optional Columns” box, on the far right side of the Reports Inventory page that displays your inventory
        • Select the column you want, and drag it from the “Select Optional Columns” box and move it to the blue header area where the current columns titles are displayed.
        • Place the new column in between the two columns where you want it displayed, and release it there. It will be inserted there.
        • To remove a column from you report, select it in the blue header area and drag it to the opened “Select Optional Columns” box and release it there
      • Select the report format that you want: .pdf, .csv, .xls, xlsx, and then click on “export”
      • Your report will be generated, which can then be stored as a digital file or printed
      • Note: The default picture will be printed if the “Image” column is included
    • Your “User” login history as well as the login history of other users on your account, if you have any
    • Your “Billing” history

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