DO YOU SOMETIMES FEEL OVERWHELMED with more scheduled tasks than you can keep organized? Keeping up with your family, business and/or personal affairs can be a big undertaking in today’s busy lifestyle. Due dates for warranties, taxes, home and auto maintenance, home and auto insurance policies, plus various appointments leave most of us fearful we will forget something that is very important. Absentmindedness due to being overwhelmed is a common problem that plagues many lives. To avoid such a dreadful and sometimes embarrassing circumstance, the presence of an assistant who would keep you notified of these important tasks would seem like the ideal solution. Realistically though, hiring a person for such tasks would cost a fortune. This is where the innovative, with its many easy to use features and capabilities, including Email Reminders, comes in handy. – How to use it? is a great way to stay organized with your busy lifestyle. The best part about this remarkable software is how easy it is to setup an Email Reminder. You determine when it is sent and even how often it is sent. Of course you have control of the email message, too. For instance, you can set it up so that you get an Email Reminder for a warranty’s expiration date for your home appliances, HDTV, or high-tech watch one month in advance of the expiration of the warranty, one week in advance, or even one day in advance, … whenever you like!

A nice added feature is that you can also easily include sending an Email Reminder to people in addition to yourself, such as your spouse, business partner, or property manager. You can setup an unlimited number of Email Reminders on your computer with the web-based program, or take advantage of the free and convenient App for the iPhone or Android Smartphone to make the process super fast and easy while setting up a Reminder Email on the go.

You can now use the quick & easy Email Reminders for anything and everything:

    • For when a warranty is going to expire,
    • For your wedding anniversary or your boss’s birthday,
    • For the dinner party at your mother-in-law’s place,
    • To change your air conditioner’s air filters,
    • For when it’s time for your regular car maintenance: like changing the oil, or
    • For when your son has an appointment to get his hair cut and styled.

It’s time you check out all of the features and benefits of

Go to’s website and signup today. Then go to the iPhone App Store or the Google Play Store and install the FREE App to ease your mind and take advantage of its many convenient capabilities. No need to remember everything because now you have your own personal assistant:’s got your back! work’s in the cloud so you can relax on the ground.