Add A Property

Demonstrates how to add a property that you can define where an inventory item is located at.

Add Inventory Items From a Room Template

Demonstrates how to add a multiple inventory items at once from a pre-defined room template.

Add Inventory Items From a Common List

Demonstrates how to add a multiple inventory items at once from a pre-defined common list.

Add an Inventory Item

Demonstrates how to add a new inventory item. Define some of the item details such as what property the item belongs to, what location at the property the item is at and what category the inventory item is associated to. This video also demonstrates uploading images for the inventory item.

Grid Options – Searching, Sorting and Filtering

Learn how to search for inventory items by name, category, location, etc… Apply multiple search criteria/filters at once. Sort in ascending and descending order.

Estate Planning

Learn how to keep track of life insurance, health insurance, investments, contacts, safe deposit boxes, documents, notes, trustees/executors, etc…


Setup email reminders that will automatically email you a reminder based on your preferences.


Learn how to setup and use beneficiaries where you can associate a beneficiary to inventory items.

Add Users

Learn how to add users to your account. Users can have both read and write access or read-only.

Edit Your Account Information

Learn how to edit your account information and change your password.

Export Inventory Items

Learn how to export inventory items to a PDF, Excel or CSV file.

Export a Property List

Learn how to export a property list to a PDF, Excel or CSV file.

Export a Beneficiaries List

Learn how to export beneficiaries to a PDF, Excel or CSV file.

Items Needing Photos

Learn how determine and add photos to inventory items needing photos.

Adding a Photo, Document or Video to a Specific Inventory Item

Learn how edit a specific inventory item to add a photo’s, document’s or videos to.

View User Login Activity

View user login activity for your account.


Learn how to troubleshoot issues that you might encounter such as clearing your web browser cache, etc…

Inventory Professionals – Inventory Jobs

If your an Inventory Professional learn how to input an inventory job and get paid a commission.

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