Did you know that America holds the record for the biggest losses in terms of natural disasters?    In 2017, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) reported that America suffered a loss of a whopping $306 billion, all due to natural disasters. Texas was the most affected by hurricanes and storms, and Florida was a close second. Most of us have a friend, a relative, or a friend of a relative or friend who has been affected by a major disaster. Hopefully so far you have been lucky, … so far.

What if your luck ran out and your house was among those that were damaged or destroyed during the tempest? Most people expect that their insurance company will cover their full claim for damage compensation. While most people expect their insurance company to cover those losses, for major losses quite often that is NOT the case. In more cases than you would expect, the amount paid is sometimes only 10 percent of the amount of the loss claimed. As an example, for a $100,000 claim, that would be a payment of $10,000 and a loss of $90,000 to the homeowner!

Please heed our warning and don’t let this happen to you and your family. This often results when the homeowner has little or not documentation to substantiate their claim. To prevent this from happening to you, we recommended that you invest in the best home inventory management software solution. It makes completing an inventory and storing the supporting documentation, pictures, and videos in an off-site location very quick and easy. This home inventory management solution is so incredible that it has 2 patents, and they keeps your information stored by Microsoft® to ensure the highest levels of security. Remember, if you have a large loss and have to sue your insurance company to cover your damages, the one with the most documentation wins.  This uncomfortable and even infuriating situation comes at the worst possible time in your life; AND may take 2 years to resolve. Keep in mind if you are ever placed in this terrible situation you will have to hire an attorney, and then pay your attorney a large portion of your award.  To make your insurance dollars count, be prepared so that you will get the best possible damage loss claim award. Do what FEMA recommends and complete your inventory before disaster strikes.

During natural calamities like hurricanes and disasters, crucial documents like Estate Planning and home inventory papers are prone to be damaged and destroyed along with other possessions. It’s next to impossible to recall each point and item mentioned in those papers. An off-site inventory management software like iInventoryPro.com will not only enables you to keep track of your inventory, it will also help you in filing the claiming with the insurance company, and enable you to submit your claim faster than anyone else. Some estimates indicate that using iINVENTORYpro.com software may result in claims increasing by 35% or more.  Your results may be more or less, and vary based on your insurance company and your specific situation.

Features of iInventoryPro.com

  • A free trial is available before becoming a software subscriber.
  • Microsoft® Cloud storage is included with the subscription
  • Patented features are very user-friendly, making it the preferred choice among homeowners.
  • Time saving and easy to use room templates enable the user to enter the items in each room in just a few seconds, instead of minutes or hours.
  • Remember buttons can automatically enter the respective Property, Room, and/or Category when entering a new item. Great for entering collections, or additional items in the same room.
  • Excellent before and after-sales customer service and support are provided.
  • Email reminders easily help you keep track of your assets important due dates. Email Reminders can remind you when a warranty will expiration, when the air condition filters need to be changes, when a special offer has to be accepted or cancelled, or for anything you want to receive a Reminder Email.
  • The customizable software comes with tools that make it suitable for different kinds of situations.  You can quickly and easily select the columns of information that you need, and remove the ones that you don’t.  Quick and easy to change in a few seconds.
  • The cloud based technology lets you access your inventory anywhere and keeps the data secure. Includes optional 2-Step Authentication at no additional charge.
  • Valuable Estate Planning features at no additional charge.
  • Free App’s for iPhone® and Android® Smart Phones
  • Most cost effective and full featured method to quickly complete an inventory and store it with Microsoft® cloud storage, bar none.

The reason iInventoryPro.com came into existence was to ensure that those that are “insured by an insurance company” are able to substantiate their possessions for an insurance claim. iInventoryPro.com fulfills this important need to help individuals, families, and businesses quickly, efficiently, and in a detailed and comprehensive manner take care of this often forgotten or overlooked crucial responsibility. iInventorypro.com is a software for homeowners, businesses, and inventory professionals that helps large property owners and small property owners with property management, and Hurricane and Disaster Preparedness. It’s the best insurance claim software available that helps you with your insurance claim in case of a calamity or any unforeseen circumstances.  More information is available at iINVENTORYpro.com.