Have you ever considered what might happen if you are faced with a major loss from a disaster or theft? Even if you think you can use your excellent mental capability to remember each and every destroyed or lost item to file a claim, the chances are highly unlikely. It’s not as easy as many fictional characters like Sherlock Holmes or Eddie of Limitless portray and make us believe. Though there are exceptions, you still need to have documentation to substantiate your loss to the insurance company, and memorizing doesn’t help!  Moreover, every forgotten item costs you in the form of lower compensation.

The following fact about documentation is very important, so don’t miss it. Did you know that whoever has the most documentation in a court case wins.  In plain English, if you have a major loss and the insurance company pays you only 10 cents on the dollar (that’s $10,000 for a $100,000 loss, which is what they typically pay), without the proper documentation you will lose $90,000!

Sure you’ll be mad about that low award by the insurance company, so you will:

  1. hire a lawyer, who you will have to pay big bucks, and
  2. you will have to wait a long time, maybe two or more years to settle your case.

But that low settlement offer by the insurance company is a difficult and painful obstacle to overcome, especially after experiencing the most traumatic loss in your life.  It is comforting to know there is an easier and better way.  This is why there is such importance placed on creating a home inventory by industry experts.

By creating an inventory that is stored in the cloud, you have a list of all your possessions and personal belongings, which can be used in case of a disaster, theft, or for Estate Planning purposes. It helps homeowners substantiate every item they own, and provides the necessary documentation if they need to file a claim.  With the best home inventory system this will include unlimited photos, videos, documents, and even many Estate Planning features, too.   The many patented features, flexible sorting capabilities, and various output capabilities are unmatched by other competitors and make the best home inventory system stand way ahead of the competition.

When it comes to creating and maintaining a home inventory and having access to it from anywhere in the world, the word is quickly spreading that there is a faster and easier way, with a system that works interchangeably with any device you own: a computer, an iPad, a surface tablet, or a Smartphone App.  Gone are the days of the time-consuming handwritten inventory. People nowadays rely on the best home inventory software. With the changing times and the technological advancements, home inventory software is what most people use, allowing homeowners to keep track of all their belonging. These software options are much more convenient than the older conventional methods.   However, don’t waste your time with the many low-end products on the market, which often cost more and ultimately don’t have the multiple device input capabilities, secure cloud-based Microsoft storage, the time saving-features and the great value found in the best home inventory system.

When you ultimately decide to create an inventory to keep a list of all your possession, here are a few of the many reasons why you should get iINVENTORYpro®, thebest home inventory system:

Get organized

By utilizing this home inventory web-based program and it’s Smartphone App’s, you can quickly and easily create and update your home inventory.  The preinstalled templates for each room, and “remember buttons” when entering multiple items make it extremely fast to create your home inventory.  For example, you can enter all the items in a room in just a few seconds by using the room templates.  Also, enter items by category, like your surround sound system, your HDTV, and other electronic equipment under ‘Electronics’, easily entering your personal property by category.  These time saving features help you quickly and efficiently create your home inventory and become more organized.

Know your net worth

Since you have a list of every item you own with values, you get to know your accurate net worth without doing any calculation by using the best home inventory software automatic property, room, and category totals and graphicsYes, you will easily know the value of each room, or any category, or even the value of everything you designate for a specific beneficiary for your Estate Planning needs.

Store photos, videos, and documents

If you need to file a claim against a robbery or natural disaster damage, you will already have the pictures, videos and documents to substantiate your loss: including receipts, warranties, and appraisals along with the belongings stored securely in the cloud in Microsoft Azure. In this way, you can easily use this documentation for insurance claims, and eliminate the risk of losing paper documents, that are often destroyed in the loss.

In a nutshell

For homeowners looking to create a home inventory to safeguard against any loss, getting the best home inventory system with the best inventory software is certainly an urgent need that requires immediate attention. For a full-featured, reliable, software system with secure storage, we recommend you go to the industry expert, iINVENTORYpro®, which is the leading software and the most preferred choice among homeowners.