There is no doubt that using a personal property inventory management system to keep track of all your belongings is much better than a hand-written inventory. It is more flexible, convenient, easily accessible, and safer when compared to the old-fashioned pen and paper way of keeping an inventory. Even though most of the personal property inventory management software options have some of the same features, they definitely aren’t all the same in capabilities and features. There are some important differences that make some of the personal property inventory management systems much better than others.

In order to buy the right personal property inventory management system, you will have to first figure out what your basic needs are, and then evaluate how important it is to you to have all the high-tech bells and whistles that make inventorying much easier, faster and more secure. The most important consideration while selecting the right software for a property management system is that it should help you to get organized quickly and efficiently. Some systems are very basic and only allow you to enter items room by room and categorize the items for one property. These systems are slow and clumsy, and generally considered “toys” by professionals. They are often “free” or very low cost, but ultimately are time-wasters. We recommend you steer clear of these.

The best system will not only allow you to tag or categorize items for each room, and for one or more properties, but also has secure online access from anywhere in the world. It allows you to store pictures, videos, and documents; allows you to designate beneficiaries for any item; gives third-party account access to anyone you authorize; has automated reminder emails; is easily customizable in regard to the columns you want to display; has free 2-Step Authentication as an optional selection; and has Estate Planning features. This standout system is patented, and also has multiple online device entry capability. Either use a computer or an App capable device: a Smartphone (iPhone® and Android®), an iPads®, or a portable tablet (whatever is most convenient). See below for the best personal property inventory management system recommendation.

All these features and benefits make it fast and easy for you to create an inventory that lists all your personal property: jewelry, furniture, antiques, artwork, electronics, and other items from different rooms or locations in your home. When you need to access your inventory, you will have no problem in searching for an item, or sorting the items by property, and/or by room and/or by category (art, furniture, electronics, accessories, etc). Pie charts of the total value by property, room and category are also nice features that are included.

A property inventory management system will also help you claim insurance benefits for all the items that were damaged or lost during a disaster, possibly stolen during a break-in, or items covered by a warranty. By not creating an inventory in advance, you are going to suffer more pain in a situation that likely is one of the saddest times in your life. When you don’t have an accurate and easily updateable list of things that you own, how are you going to submit a complete, accurate, and verifiable claim if that unfortunate and untimely misfortune takes place? Since you are paying for insurance and/or a warranty, you indeed want those insurance dollars to count. To be clear, that means you need documentation to get those insurance dollars from the insurance company, or warranty dollars from a warranty company should you ever suffer a loss.

A personal property inventory management system will also allow you to make moving checklists. It is a common experience for people to lose some of their belongings while moving from one home to another. To avoid this, always create an inventory while you pack everything before leaving. After receiving the delivery of the items at your new location, access your inventory as you unpack and check whether all the items mentioned in the list are there or not.

Frequently updating your inventory is very important. Make sure you add new items to the inventory as soon as you buy them. Taking time out to create an inventory and then updating it regularly is much easier and more accurate than remembering everything you have when you experience a loss, plus it provides important documentation. Making an inventory is fundamental to good organization and estate planning, and isn’t difficult when using a cloud-based property inventory management software. We recommend you go to to signup for the most recommended and full-featured personal property inventory management system.